A new opportunity

Andrés has the honour of publishing his reflections first. Here he reflects on the integral life and inner and outer growth.




One of the most important aspects of spiritual practices in our modern times is to reach a balance between the different inner and outer elements that constitute the human condition as a whole.  This means to promote the spiritual development of individuals and societies without neglecting the more physical and practical sides of existence in a challenging world.   Under the guidance of the spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, the Sri Chinmoy Centre, both in Iceland and worldwide, takes efforts to support a parallel inner and outer growth of its members in various ways: meditation, prayer, philosophy, poetry, music, singing, theatre, sports and even cuisine, with a proper attitude and state of mind, are used as ways towards a comprehensive and holistic development.
Regarding spiritual practice and development, Sri Chinmoy talks of  “realisation”, “transformation” and “manifestation” as the necessary steps that spiritual seekers, or aspirants, go through in order to know themselves better, to bring their highest to the fore, and to manifest those rays of truth and divinity that live in the hearts of us all.  This manifestation, says Sri Chinmoy, is nothing else than a service which we can offer to the Highest in us and in others, the godly Light which is preserved in our innermost and longs to be manifested. The Webpage of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Iceland is one more aspect of our spiritual endeavours, whose purpose is to expedite our inner and outer growth as well as to be of service to others by giving an insight into the various ways that can help to live a spiritual life in modern times.  Our ardent hope is that the Webpage and all its contents will be of inspiration to others.