The Sri Chinmoy centre in Iceland

About the Sri Chinmoy centre in Iceland

The Sri Chinmoy Centre in Iceland was established in January, 1974.  Later that same year Sri Chinmoy visited the country for the first time.

Since its establishment the Centre has organised lectures and concerts held by Sri Chinmoy in the country, as well as given a number of courses on meditation and the spiritual life.

In addition, the Centre has been involved with the publication of several of Sri Chinmoy’s literary works and of his music, as well as participating in various athletic and cultural activities.

A part of the Centre is the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which in Iceland organises the annual 5 km Vatnsmýrarhlaup race.  The team members practice running and several other sports, such as swimming and soccer.

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Iceland have likewise opened the health-food store, Health, the Richest Wealth, and the café/vegetarian restaurant Ecstasy's Heart-Garden.  The staff members at these two enterprises can provide information regarding upcoming meditation classes.