The Sri Chinmoy Centre

A general description of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Inspired by Sri Chinmoy's teachings and way of life, his students have established many branches of the Sri Chinmoy Centre around the world.
The Sri Chinmoy Centre serves as a spiritual home for its members, a meeting place for prayer and meditation, study and the enjoyment of spiritual music. The Centre also represents Sri Chinmoy's teachings in action, through classes and other public programs.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre is a leading teaching centre in meditation worldwide. At Sri Chinmoy's request, the classes are offered free of charge in the conviction that spirituality is our birthright which can never be bought or sold.

The Centre also sponsors free public presentations of spiritual arts, including concerts, exhibitions and poetry readings and supports the activities of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

If you feel inspired to learn to meditate, please contact the Centre nearest to your place of residence.

“You can change your life. You need not wait years or even months for this change. It begins the moment you dive into the sea of spirituality. Try to live the life of spiritual discipline for a day, a single day. You are bound to succeed.”

- Sri Chinmoy